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    The Summit

    On Top of Our World

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Pikes Peak

An American icon that has drawn explorers and travelers for centuries, inspired the song of a nation and tests adventurers who are up for any challenge. Pikes Peak is a National Historic Landmark and home to a breathtaking summit. But for you, it could be the backdrop of an unforgettable vacation.

The Wildlife


What will you see along the way? As you travel through four of the eight distinct life zones of Colorado, you’re bound to catch a few sightings of some of our favorite wildlife friends: elk, deer, yellow-bellied marmot, moose and maybe an occasional bear or mountain lion; plus Pikes Peak is home to one of Colorado’s largest bighorn sheep herds.

Ride 2

Know Before You Go

We want you to have the best, most unforgettable journey to the top of Pikes Peak aboard the Cog. While you’re planning your trip you may have a few questions, and there may be things you’re not aware of. We love our natural environment and we want you to love it and be ready for it, too!

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    Sunrise on mountain

summit Visitor Center

We can’t wait to take guests to the top of America’s Mountain to experience the new Summit Visitor Center. Nestled into the mountaintop, it blends beautifully with its natural surroundings. Grab something to eat and learn more about Pikes Peak and the region’s history. Did we mention? You’ll also enjoy the striking unobstructed views from every angle.

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Hike, run, bike, walk, stroll. The Pikes Peak Region offers incredible trails and roads to be explored.