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Time to get ready for your unforgettable Cog journey to the top of Pikes Peak. You know what they say, every journey begins with a single step and yours starts at our Manitou Depot. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about where to park, what to expect when you arrive, what you can get at the depot, and all there is to explore in the area.

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Parking is located across the street from the depot but spaces are limited so it’s best to plan ahead. Overflow parking is available a mile away at Hiawatha Gardens in Manitou Springs and includes a free shuttle available for guests looking to experience Manitou Springs and the Cog.


Find a selection of merchandise at our small street level shop before you go or browse our large retail gift shop on the platform level after your journey. You’ll find fun Cog memorabilia, local souvenirs and other items to make sure your trip to the top of Pikes Peak is one you’ll never forget.

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Food & Drink

Bottled drinks to quench your thirst, fresh sandwiches ready to go, candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth, and a variety of other tasty to-go food options are all available at a quick stop at our small depot shop to fuel you for your Pikes Peak mountain experience aboard the Cog.

Snack Time

Choose Your Adventure

Enjoy the breathtaking views, but make no mistake, this is an adventure and an experience that you make your own. Options abound if you prefer to forgo the round trip experience on the train: hike up, ride the train down. Take the Cog up, bike down. Whatever suits your mood…and energy level.


Looking for a challenge? Instead of taking the train up, hike Pikes Peak on the 13-mile Barr Trail and ride the Cog back down.

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The best of both worlds. Take the Cog to the summit and an unforgettable bike ride back down the twisting Pikes Peak Highway and see Colorado in a whole new way.

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Hike, run, bike, walk, stroll. The Pikes Peak Region offers incredible trails and roads to be explored.

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