In December, Stacy and Witbeck steadily made progress on the lower portions of the track and they are also continuing to keep the line clear so some work can proceed on the higher reaches of the mountain as weather permits. After the relocation of the car bodies, they removed the last portions of Abt track in the yard and graded these areas in preparation for new track installation.

Cog employees successfully completed the conversion of the first of 17 axles from the old Abt system to the newer Strub style. They also converted track two in the shop to Von Roll rack which is compatible to Strub but more streamlined and lightweight.



Looking forward to January:


Stacy and Witbeck will keep plugging away on track work as the weather permits.

Cog employees continue to work on the axle upgrades as well as interior work on the car bodies.

 As always, please promptly report any safety infractions or unsafe conditions immediately to either Spencer swren@broadmoor.com or Ted tjohnston@broadmoor.com.