November was a very busy month at the Cog Railway. This activity culminated with the movement of eight car bodies across Ruxton Avenue to our lot in preparation for installation of the new Strub cog wheels which will replace the Abt system. Strub is a single cog/rack system where Abt was a dual cog/rack system. The movement of the bodies was another first in this unique rebuilding project. At the same time, the last small Swiss train from the 1960’s was moved to its new home in Woodland Park.

Track work by Stacy & Witbeck is progressing at the anticipated rate for this time of year however we continue to make progress for track installation which will begin in spring of 2020.



Looking forward to December:


We now have workers from Stadler in Bussnang Switzerland teaching and assisting in the transition of the cog wheel replacement to the new Strub system. It is very exciting to see the new cog wheels in place!

Stacy and Witbeck will work along the line as weather permits and on days when weather is inclement will begin the transition to Strub in the yard and workshop.


 As always, please promptly report any safety infractions or unsafe conditions immediately to either Spencer swren@broadmoor.com or Ted tjohnston@broadmoor.com.