Mother Nature decided to make another appearance in the form of three separate, torrential rainfalls.  The heavy rains made the roadbed impassible for some of Stacy and Witbeck’s heavier machinery and limited construction to only lighter vehicles until the roadbed dried out.

Work continued in the shop on the refurbishment of our current railcars.  Flooring installation was completed and we began working with seating suppliers to determine a suitable seat replacement.  Representatives from Cummins and Voith met with us in Manitou Springs in a continued, collaborative effort in support of our transmission and engine combination. 



Looking forward to August:


The focus in August is on completion of track removal and the early stages of building new track.  New material for track building will continue heading up the mountain for distribution.  We will begin to fence off the area where our crews will be working on the summit.  We ask that all individuals hiking the Manitou Incline exercise caution around our parking lot and depot area at all times.  Our general contractor has placed additional signage directing hikers to the new entrance.  Our parking and grounds manager will continue to carefully manage construction traffic flow in an effort to minimize disruptions.                

 As always, we encourage you to report any safety infractions or unsafe conditions immediately to either Spencer swren@broadmoor.com or Ted tjohnston@broadmoor.com.