Track removal continued through the month of May.  While it appeared Mother Nature might never cooperate with our plans, our crews continued to push through and maintained a good pace.  Our rack rail dismantling crew was  brought back down the mountain to assist the dismantle and removal crews in making up for lost time due to weather.  The dismantle crew is currently to John’s Cut, approximately 5.5 miles up the line and all material has been removed to the 4 Mile siding.  Now that we are above Ruxton Park, new ballast and rail can now be staged there for when track building begins. 

Another major part of our project took a major leap forward in May.  As part of the project, we are refurbishing our 214 seat railcars and we recently received the first new diesel engines from Cummins Rocky Mountain division.  Due to the uniqueness of our equipment, these engines had to be sourced from India and even coming from half way around the world, arrived ahead of schedule.  Our diesel mechanics and other shop personnel have been working diligently to install the new engines.  Interior work was completed in two of the railcars, receiving new flooring and public address systems. 






             The focus in June will continue to be on track removal.  New material for track building will begin to leave its current location in our parking lot and head up the mountain for distribution.  We have seen a large uptick in the number of visitors to the Manitou Incline, we continue to stress that individuals exercise caution around our parking lot and depot area at all times and our general contractor has placed additional signage directing hikers to the new entrance.  Our parking and grounds manager will continue to minimize interruptions to traffic and direct pedestrians to the proper location for the Incline. 


 As always, we encourage you to report any safety infractions or unsafe conditions immediately to either Spencer swren@broadmoor.com or Ted tjohnston@broadmoor.com.