Track removal is now nearing the summit!  The snow finally melted enough in Windy Cut for our crews to pass through in late June.  Our rack rail dismantling crew is again back out in front leading the charge to the top.  They have reached Inspiration Point, approximately 6.5 miles up the line.  All dismantled material has been removed up to approximately 6 miles.  New rail and ballast are being staged on the mountain in anticipation of building new track starting this Fall.

Our mechanical and electrical personnel continue refurbishing our current rail cars and our diesel mechanics are working diligently with Cummins and Voith to ensure the new engines and transmissions are aligned, plumbed and installed properly. 

We have been reviewing and approving Stadler’s new train design concepts and we will finalize all train concepts by mid-July.  At that point, Stadler will move into detailed engineering and provide a final train design by December.  With an expected delivery of January 2021, we are now 18 months from our first new train set arriving.

Our work with the cities on the Manitou Springs Mobility Study is progressing.  The Summer season in Manitou is a daily reminder of the need for parking and traffic flow solutions that will benefit the community. 

Lastly, we applied for our CUP in June.



Looking forward to July:


The focus in July will be on track removal.  Our track dismantling crews expect to reach the summit by July 31.  We will work closely with the Summit House contractor, GE Johnson, to reduce interference for guests on the summit.  New track building material will continue being distributed up the mountain.    

The number of visitors to the Manitou Incline is rising, so we continue to stress that individuals exercise caution at all times around our parking lot and depot area.  Our general contractor has placed additional signage directing hikers to the new Incline entrance and our parking and grounds manager is minimizing traffic interruptions and guiding pedestrians to the proper Incline location.               

 As always, we encourage you to report any safety infractions or unsafe conditions immediately to either Spencer swren@broadmoor.com or Ted tjohnston@broadmoor.com.