We began March by finalizing our decommissioning of trains and equipment, including gifting two trains and lots of memorabilia to the City of Manitou Springs for use in and around the City as well as use for a Cog Railway museum that may be built at some point in the future.  Taking out the trains by crane was quite a spectacle to see, but it went smoothly and without any major incidents.  Similarly, taking inventory of the many pieces of equipment and spare parts that we have collected over the years and ensuring that we found good homes for them was a real labor of love for our staff.  We are pleased with the outcome and look forward to visiting these “old friends” in their new locations.

               The renovation got underway in earnest during the second half of March with the general contractor and our employees beginning demolition at the depot complex. 





               Our focus will continue to be on demolition of the existing tracks, beginning in the depot complex and working our way toward the summit.  Deliveries of new friction rail (the two outside rails) and ballast will begin this month.  They will be staged in our parking lot and moved up the mountain in anticipation of the construction period beginning after demolition is complete.


For anyone who has reason to be in or around the construction area, including within the parking lot, we ask that you exercise caution at all times.  We will have our parking and grounds manager assist with the flow of traffic in an attempt to minimize interruptions or interference as much as practical.  We encourage you to report any safety infractions or conditions immediately to either swren@broadmoor.com    or  tjohnston@broadmoor.com