April was an exciting month as the general contractor and our employees developed more efficient techniques for track removal.  It is amazing that in a time with great technological advances, much of the work on a railroad is still completed by hand!  We received 300 tons of rail that will be distributed up the line in May.  Even though Mother Nature threw us a few curveballs, the lead crew cutting rack rail is four miles up the line, the spike and screw pulling crew is 2.75 miles up and all material up to 1.75 miles has been pulled off the mountain. 






             The focus in May will be on track removal.  One of our Terramac dump trucks will be specially outfitted to haul new rail up the mountain and old rail down the mountain to minimize the number of trips we must take up the mountain.  Some ballast delivery will start this month as well.    Improving spring weather will bring more visitors to the Manitou Incline, so we continue to stress that individuals exercise caution around our parking lot and depot area at all times.  Mike, our parking and grounds manager, will continue to minimize interruptions to traffic and direct pedestrians to the proper location for the Incline. 


 We encourage you to report any safety infractions or conditions immediately to either swren@broadmoor.com    or  tjohnston@broadmoor.com